I'm Dawn. I just left my corporate job of 14 years to follow my passion: creating beautiful environments for stores, trade shows, events and homes.

I can do almost anything and if I can't, I'll figure out how! I have a strong background in graphic design, marketing, art direction, and production for large retailers such as Gap, Inc., Zia Natural Skincare, ISDA&CO, and Peninsula Beauty. My specialty is translating brand assets, and 2 dimensional marketing creative concepts into 3-D environmental settings. I get really excited about leading inventive brainstorming sessions, painting, illustrating, designing and ANYTHING collaborative with and for my clients, business partners, printers and installation vendors. I'm also a master crafter, should you need that sort of thing. 

With 20 years experience creating innovative designs and visuals for retail environments including Old Navy, I can help you create a killer window display for your store, a cool, modern bedroom or nursery for your child, or a themed party event space that will be the talk of the town.   Let me tell your story by inspiring, shaping, and executing your creative concept for a unique customer experience.

I received a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts with a specialization in Illustration at the University of Arizona. My work has been featured in international trade publications and media including WGSN.com, VMSD, DDI and Oldnavy.com.

What else...I am crazy about art, dogs, fitness, food and fashion. And I can tell a damn good story. Let me tell yours!  

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